Graduate Students

I am interested in working with graduate students with a research interest in migration and citizenship, comparative public policy, gender, and the state, particularly projects with a North American or European focus.

Current Supervisions

PhD Supervisor

Salta Zhumatova: “Civic Integration Policies in Europe”

Sandra Schinnerl (Interdisciplinary Studies): “Immigration Policy, International Student Flows, and Economic Development” (Co-supervisor)

Conrad King:  “The Politics of Education Reform: PISA and Policy Change in France and Germany”

PhD Committee Member

Camille Desmares: “The Discursive Exclusion of Syrian Forced Migrants and the Redefinition of the Republic’s Communal Boundaries (2011-2016)”

Serban Dragulin (Philosophy): “Science and Political Legitimacy”

Daniel Westlake: “Multiculturalism, Parties, and Voter Behaviour: Explaining the Role of Political Parties in the Development of Multiculturalism Policies”

MA Supervisor

Anthony Ellis: “European Citizenship and National Identity”

Past Supervisions (and Placement)

PhD Supervisor

Stewart Prest: “Civil Peace, Political Conflict: Understanding Negative Cases of Civil War” (2015, Co-supervisor).  SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Carleton University

PhD Committee Member

Grace Lore: “Women in Politics: Descriptive and Substantive Representation and the Moderating Effect of Political Institutions”(2016)

Jan Boesten: “Between the Rule of Law and Democratic Security: Judicial, Constituent, and State Power in Columbia” (2015)

Agustín Goenaga Orrego: “The Social Origins of State Capacity: Civil Society, Political Order and Public Goods in France (1789-1970) and Mexico (1810-1970)” (2015).  Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund University

Charles Breton: “Incorporation Policies, Identity, and Relationships between Host Societies and Immigrants” (2015).  SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University

Konrad Kalicki: “Acting Like a State: The Politics of Foreign Labour Admission in Japan and Taiwan”(2015).  Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Erin Penner: “The Attitudinal Mosaic: Forming Attitudes about Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Ethnic Diversity in Canada” (2013).  Statistical Analyst, Government of Manitoba

John Ferguson (Law): “International Human Trafficking in Canada: Why So Few Prosecutions?” (2012).  Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University

Joe Sulmona (Geography): “Trade with Security: How Canada and the Netherlands Relocated State Frontiers Through Civilian Aviation Networks” (2012).  Management Consultant for the Aviation and Transportation Industry

MA Supervisor

Miaofeng Zhang: “The Hukou System and Sociopolitical Stability in China” (2015).  Assistant Editor, Truth and Wisdom Press 格致出版社, Shanghai

Tania Sawicki Mead: “Between Care and Control: The Uses and Abuses of Humanitarianism in Contemporary Migration Debates” (2015). Political and Media Advisor, Green Party, New Zealand Parliament

Forrest Barnum: “Crossnational Divergence in Post-OPEC Embargo Energy Policy in Germany and the United States” (2012). Historian, U.S. Department of State

Margery Pazdor (Institute for European Studies): “Female Genital Mutilation in France and the UK: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Policy Formation” (2009).  Articled Student, Klein Lawyers

Lisa Stark: “Do Muslims Make the Difference? Explaining Within Country Variation on Mosque-Building Policies in Western Europe” (2007)